martes, 10 de mayo de 2011


¡Hoy toca imprimir!
It's time for printing!

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  1. ¿Qué método se utiliza para la impresión?

  2. I used drypoint to make this methacrylate plates.
    Then I printed them with different inks. I'll upload some photos of the results some day.

  3. Thanks for your answer! Apologies about the google translate Spanish. I would love to see some photos, I'm doing second year Printmaking and wanted to show some of my peers your work. Can I ask, how did you make something like this one?
    How was the green applied?

    Sydney University AUS

  4. It was nice from you to ask in spanish, anyway :)

    I studied it at the University for two years (as part of the whole art degree), but sadly none of the pictures I posted are made with printmaking technics. I haven't still uploaded any of the results jet.
    That illustration was made half traditionally (lines are graphite) and digital (colours -white,reds,oranges,green- added with photoshop later)
    *You can know the technic I used in each work by having a look at the "tags" on the right of each one at flickr :) (or you can always ask and I will be happy to answer)

    **Anyway, they can be done as silkscreen prints, like this one: (it's not the print result, but the illusration I used to make it. I'm sorry I can't find now any photos of the silkscreen print. But I have to say it was quite similar to the original that I show)

    Btw, I'm really glad you wanted to show my work. Thank you and good luck with the studies!

  5. Thanks Adara, This was really helpful.
    I was a bit at a loss on how you created such perfect negative space with some of the images and shapes.
    So with something like this one which is just tagged drawing it has no digital editing?

    Sorry I keep asking you so many questions, thanks for baring with me.